Partnership for Success

Businessman looking at Innovation plan.
We help companies just like yours succeed.  Listed below are some of our clients.

  • BlueRaster LLC
  • Winsonic Digital Media Group
  • KDG Interactive Group
  • University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
  • Assessment, Learning and Technology Solutions
  • Periscope Interactive
  • MetaForge, LLC
  • Natural Resource Group, LLC

With over 90% of our business coming from customer referrals, see what they are saying about us.

“Carolyn Borton has been instrumental in helping KDG deliver successful software solutions to all of our clients where she has been involved; these include the likes of Pearson Educational Measurement and St. Jude Medical.  Her depth of understanding and ability to problem solve has been a great asset to our team. We continue to look forward to a strong working relationship with Carolyn well into the future.”

Pat Kirkwold
VP of Marketing
KDG InterActive
Rosemount, Minnesota

“Carolyn was a great asset as a leader of the curriculum development technical team at PLATO for many years.  Her skill with web technologies (in particular with Flash, but applying to a wide range of development technologies) and ability to solve problems and come up with creative solutions is impressive.  Perhaps even more important to the success of the development team was her talent in communicating with the less technical folks – allowing her to both understand the requirements well enough to help them articulate what was needed and then to work with the rest of the team to get production underway.”

“Since she moved on from PLATO we have consulted with her for development projects that went well due to the same factors that made her a success while at PLATO – ability to communicate with the customer and get the right requirements defined, talent with the tools required to implement the solution, and dependency of follow-through to ensure that the project comes to a successful conclusion.”

Stan Pride
Technical Lead
PLATO Learning, Inc.
Bloomington, MN

“I have worked extensively with Carolyn on a wide variety of educational software projects. She is an expert at designing and coding the technology behind the online learning. She specializes in systems that make any content fast and easy to create. She is a pleasure to work with, honest, and extremely knowledgeable.”

Lynette Kramer
KDG Interactive
Rosemount, Minnesota