Improve Quality While Reducing Cost.

In a typical development process, testing cannot begin until the product, or at least a main portion of it, is complete.  Furthermore, if the application depends on a data source, testing and even development of components can be stalled while waiting for data, server issues and a variety of other reasons.  These delays can lead to more time, money and risk to the project.

Sunshine Learning Systems solves this challenge with our “Test Harness”, a tool that allows us to test single pages or components of a product as soon as they’re built — without waiting for the entire product to be complete.  Furthermore, our “Test Harness” saves time in the testing process.

In most testing environments, the tester must start at the beginning of a sequence of pages, completing the interaction on each and every page, just to test a page near the end.  This process must be completed several times in order to complete all situations outlined in even a simple test plan. This is both tedious and time intensive. The end result is larger timelines and budgets.

With the Test Harness, however, the tester can quickly navigate or jump to a specific page, and can test the page in a variety of modes.  By using the Test Harness, programmers can test their own code at any time and ensure that pages are virtually “bug free” before they release the pages to QA.  This significantly reduces the time to market and the testing budget for the project.